Today I got two Newfoundland dogs, Don who is born -93, and Sam -94. Both are males. And i wild cat - named Julie ;o)

Julie is Don's cat ;o) he loves cat and it was him who saved her when here mum had left her..

From the beginning I had an American Cocker spaniel and I called him Bonito.

Unfortunately Bonito is no longer here, only in my heart and mind! He went sick and left for a better world. You can read more about Bonito on " Memorial"

When Bonito was about four years old I got Danny.

They became best friends and Danny took as his assignment to protect Bonito from everything he thought could be dangerous, sometimes a little too much maybe!

Then it was time for Sam!

I always thought that Newfie's are lovely dogs, perhaps a little too big.. Well I put it beside for a while.
However I really wanted a dog that loved too swim and I couldn't get Newfie's out of my mind!

We started to look at Newfie's - Oh god they are so cute, but most of all BIG!! I think I got a bit confused after all.
Is this the dog for me? Can I handle him, and much more was going through my mind.
It's such a wonderful dog, in their happiness they attacks you with a lots of wets kisses, and big big paws who just have to touch you.

Well we went home. Me who was very silent a bit shocked maybe, and Anders who didn't had showed much interest before, was now totally hilarious and he wanted us to get a Newfie immediately!!

I think I was a bit surprised over how big they really are in the reality, I had wanted I Newfie for so long, but was I really ready for this? It's a big different to look into a book, and then see them in real life!

I think it's very important too know what you do, I can't stand those who just bye a cute little puppy, and then when his big they turn it back, and blames on allergies and " I didn´t know he be that big " Etc.etc... So for me it's very important that I can handle it, because I would never give it back, I could never live with my self if I did that.

It took about a half year before we went out for a puppy again, and at this time I was 100% sure that this was the dog that I couldn't live without. We had only been at the breeder for a short while, when Anders had chosen a puppy ;o)

- What? I sad, what about which one I want?
- Well, then we shall take two, because I shall have him, so if you want someone else, we have to take two, he said!!

Well I only had to take a look on Sam, and then I knew to ;o)
We could come and collect him after two very slow weeks.

Then came Don!

With crash boom bang ha ha..... We had driven with some friends who also got newfies that day, to a breeders home. After a while the breeder ask us if we would have Don? She told us that because of her health, she had to give some of them away!

- No thanks, I sad - we have one already..
- YES PLEASE, Anders said!!!!

And it all ended up, with Don sitting in the back of the car...and me, well not that glad perhaps.. This was not what I had in mind, but that's life!!

Sam was happy for a while, but when he understood that Don should stay, eat, sleep, with other words, take all his time, then the devil was loose!! Those of you who self have Newfie's, knows how they can sound when they gets a little angry. Jesus I thought someone let two Grizzly bears into my kitchen...

well after that fight with blood from ears, noses, and hole in ears etc - they had some small fights more.

Today they are best friends. I can honestly say that it shocked me the first time when they got mad on each other, and I called the breeder up, and told her how terrible it was, and that I couldn't handle to live with this two crazy male dogs, I will loose my mind I said, what if the kill each other?

- Oh no there not, she said. I think you should bite them next time they do like this, and show them who's in charge here. Well I did what she told me to do, I took a bite on there ears but nothing helped, they looked at me, and I could really see in there mind that the thought that I was stupid!!

I once again called my breeder up and told, that it didn't helped; they were still fighting over small things. Then she told me to leave the home next time - don't bother about them, she said- - What? I can't do that; they will kill each other then! - No they want. Just do that now! - Ok

And then the next time when they were in the middle of fights, I left. - Goodbye your insane dogs! And I thought for my self, I never coming back to this crazy house again, thank God for Bonito and Danny.

When I had slam the door, it surprised me, that it was so silent and quiet - Oh no, what was going through my mind, how could I leave them alone in that situation, what if they have kill each other now? I rushed to the door and at the same time, I shamed on my self, how I could be that stupid believing they could solve there on problems... But when the door was open... who is standing there waving with their tails? Like nothing had happen?

Yes Sam and Don, and they were so happy and had already forgot what happened!!
And what the hell, you can't remember things long past...