When and how often shall you bathe your newf? Depends entirely on yourself. Personally I bathe my newf when I think that they acquires it.

It can be all from a week between to two months.

You may just have bathe your dog, but then he/her finds something disgusting or dead animals to roll around in ;o)

Maybe you have a dog who is crazy about swimming in the ocean? I usually rinse of my dogs with just water in order to get rid of the salt and to avoid bad smell.

If I don't, I will feel the smell of them when I comes home from work.It smells like an ocean. And it indeed not feels especially fresh to sit and cuddle with a dog that stinks like a seaweedshrimp :o)

This thick toothed card is something I couldn't handle without. It is super when your dogs are felling.
Don't use this to much otherwise, cause it's takes away a lots of the undercoat, and they need theire undercoat!

Before I starts to bathe my dogs, I brushes them through properly first.

Would they have any tangles, I would take away them before bathing.

Can you not get away the tangles with a comb or card, I suggest that you take a scissors.
Then cut from within the skin and out, otherwise the risk is that you cuts the dog in the skin :o(

This card is a classic :o) It's a good card who takes away lots of loose and dead hair!!

I start with rinsing my dogs , this can take a while, cause there coat is very difficult to get wet.
After that, I take a dogschampoo , If I would be end of that, I take one of my own.

I can warmly recommend a minkoilschampo, I think that they becomes great of it.

After I have schampoo the dog , I rinse them very carefully.
After that It time for the conditioner.

I let the conditioner sit in and seem awhile. A good hint, is that while the conditioner is sitting in, to comb/brush through the coat.
You receives a lot of loose coat! This makes it's easier to take care of coat afterwards.

I don´t recommend you this, if your dog has lots of tangles in the coat.

To roll around in the forest is LIFE ;o)

When the conditioner has worked, you can start with rinsig the dog.

It's tremendously important that you rinse your dog thoroughly very well.
Feel with your hands if you can feel any conditioner or schampoo.
When you thinks that you are finished with rinsing your dog, then do it again.:o)

The dog can gets skinproblems, allergies, e.t.c if there is any left-overs in the coat!

A very happy Newf ;o)

Now you can start to blow-dry the dog. If your dog have problems with hot spots or eczema this is to prefer.

Personally I usully goes out and walks afterwards, partly in order for them to shake of the enormously part of water, and if it's blowing outside, then it's a plus.
But most of all, it's nice for your back, the back is fairly sore afterwards.

Your dog prefer to get his perfume by him self ;o)

It's also depends on what quality the newf got!
My two newf drys very fast.
But if your newf dries slowly you should take the hair-drier.
I know that many dry theire newfs coat before they shall for an exhibition, just to get it more straight, I don´t know how much you shall change a dog, in order to get as attractive as possible?

What I mean is that we can change a dogs "fault", pretend it doesn't exists.
The risk is that we accept these dogs, because we can't see theire faults, we have change them in order to maybe win a beautycontest , they looks perfect.What I am trying to tell is that a newf shall have a special coat, or it's to prefer to have a special coat!

But if we change it to much with drier, sprays, cremes e.t.c Then we are fooling our selves and others to think this dog is perfect.

A good scissor is something you must have! For you and your dogs own best!

Automatically I then comes into this part about cutting our Newfs !

How much shall be allowed when it comes to cutting our newfs ?
(Okey if the dog is suffering of the coat)

What does our breedstandard says?
You shall cut the newfs ears, and around the paws, but what more?

Before I got my newf I read all I came over about the Newfoundlandsdog!
I had an American cockerspaniel then, so I was used to coatcaring.
I thought that it should become nice with a dog that didn't need all that cutting that the cocker needed. But what happen?

Yeah I do cut the ears and the paws on my newf, plus I cuts away fur that is dead and damage . But shall I really cut more? No I don't think so!

But now then, how can it be that you now on the exhibitions can see newfs that are very "wellcut " With that I mean, very cutted, it's very good that they takes care of theire dogs , but what I want too know is, how much shall they be cutted down? Some is so cutted , that you don´t can separate the from a Flat!

Some exhibitor places theire newf on a board, and then begins to cut and cut and cut, help?? How much shall they be cut down really?
Shall we indeed encourage this cutting on our newf ?
Shall we not follow any breedstandard?

Where did the newf go that I at first fall in love with ? The bear with all the wonderful coat, that came lumbering?

I don't say that I think these down cutted newf is'nt good looking, No! They are terrific, but it is not the newf I have in mind when I think about newfs!

But why have it then begun to cuts so much? I have actually asked a great deal of different people who have newfs, and most of them have said that they don't like it, that it's a pity that it's have become a such trend! But unfortunately if you shall have a chance on the exhibitions, you better do it!!

I have seen people that has been entirely towards it, but that cuts now, in order to have a chance..They have cut they in order to type get a longer throat, better back etc., but all this is only a illusion!

Some I know have finished to go on exhibitionst, because that they refuses to cut down theire newfs , and they thinks that they no longer have any chance, if they don't cuts them down. . They say that the Newf have become a cutting dog!!

How can we know that the judge who are judging on a competition is as familiar with this breedstandarn? Well we do hope that most judge is competent in this, but still? The judge shall feel with his/her hands on the newf, but I have in fact seen how judge selected out newfs without feeling through them first!

Well this was a little about my sight on this with cutting. What i wanna say is, ofcourse shall you be able to cut your newf, I do it my self !! (dead coat / damage coat, and then with a thinning shears)

But I don't think it shall go as far away as today, we shall hold on to the breedstandard!

A thinning shears! This scissor is very good to cut away dead and damage coat (redcolerd) It is also good to take away hair that is sticking out every where, e.t.c

Brushing our newfs:

Usually I go through the coat properly once in a week.

The more you takes care and brushes your newf, the more less you will have indoors.

I usually use a thick toothed card, especially when they are felling.
This takes a little more on the depth, more of the undercoat, but then this shall be used most when your dog is felling . Don't use this to much otherwise, cause it's takes away a lots of they undercoat, and they need theire undercoat!

I also use a card which is fully with small steelspikes. This takes lots of dead hair that is loose, and dirt e.t.c. And then I have a fine comb that I use to the ears, especially behind the ears where the newf have a certain tendency to get small tangles.

This camb is great to brush behind ears etc..

A Scissor like this i superb to cut the hair under theire paws with.
The risk to cut your dog is a bit smaller :o)

The Newf loves to bath - and he will find water wherever he is ;o)

All About this with the coat ,and all the stuff that comes along to get the greatest coat.
And all the preparation, that promise you everything about the coat...

We do have to remember that A and O is that the dog is enjoying life ,and feel alright, that they receives good food and all the love that they acquires!

If you follows that, I think you will see how that is reflecting in the dog's coat and you will also see it in the eyes!

Something that no miraclesprays or scissors can give :o)

Good luck with your friend!